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Chiatura Miners Go On Strike Over Unfulfilled Promises

Some of the Chiatura miners went on strike, over unfulfilled promises by their employer, Georgian Manganese. They are demanding that Georgian Manganese switch to a 12-hour working day and reduce the number of days they work, claiming that their current working day is 8 hours, but they have to produce a 12-hour standard.

A worker at the Chiatura mines, said that the employer had promised to move them to a new shift schedule five months ago, but that the commitment had not been fulfilled.

A worker revealed that during a recent meeting on November 28, the company promised to move to a 12-hour schedule, but there was a discrepancy in the wage. While the 12-hour wage for the new schedule is supposed to be 164 GEL, as it is for those workers who already work 12-hour shifts, the striking workers were offered 155 GEL, which is a shortfall of 9 GEL. According to the workers, this is one of the main reasons for the lack of agreement.

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