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MEPs React to GD’s Attempt to Impeach President, Say GD Does not Support Georgia’s EU Aspirations

After the Georgian Parliament failed to impeach President Salome Zurabishvili with 86 votes in favor and 1 against, reactions from members of the European Parliament followed.

MEP Miriam Lexmann tweeted: “victory for common sense, victory for the Georgian constitution, and a victory for Georgia’s European future”.

Viola von Cramon stated: “Democratic institutions proved to be more resilient than the oligarch”. She congratulated the President But according to her big damage was done to Georgia’s reputation. Now, double efforts are needed to undo the damage and ensure that Georgia becomes an EU candidate country in December.

Earlier on October 18 the MEPs issued a letter signed by Anna Fotiga, Rasa Juknevičienė, Andrius Kubilius, and Miriam Lexmann.

“We note that the President of Georgia is empowered by the Constitution to represent her country in foreign relations. The President, as Head of State, represents the will of the majority of Georgian citizens in her efforts to mobilise support for Georgia’s European path. Without any clear and rational justification, the Georgian Government has decided not to give its formal consent to the President’s visits to 10 different capitals and international institutions, including the European Parliament, since the beginning of this year”.

According to MEPs such behavior of the Government is a “clear usurpation of the constitutional powers of the President” which violates the Constitution of Georgia and European principles of constitutional democracy.

“By initiating the impeachment proceedings against President Zourabichvili, the Georgian Government and the Georgian Dream party demonstrate that, contrary to their declarations, they do not support Georgia’s EU membership aspirations. The Government and the ruling party are sabotaging their country’s chances of obtaining EU candidate status later this year, and should face a no-confidence vote themselves” reads the statement.

According to them, the President’s impeachment initiative is a “well-prepared attack by the ruling Georgian Dream party against the Head of State for her strong pro-European position”.

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