Georgia in NATO Secretary General’s 2022 Annual Report

The report, entitled “NATO in 2022: Adapting to the New Strategic Environment”, focuses on the deterioration of the security environment in the Euro-Atlantic area caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine and Russia as the primary threat to Euro-Atlantic security, and takes stock of events in 2022, including NATO’s response to Russia’s so-called “security guarantee” proposals, measures to enhance NATO’s collective defense and coherence, cooperation with partners around the world, NATO’s enlargement through the invitation of Sweden and Finland, as well as ongoing efforts to support Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Georgia is featured in several parts of the report, including those devoted to defense capacity building, bilateral and multilateral partnerships, cyber security, energy security, promoting interoperability and others.

In the sub-chapter on the Defense Capacity Building Packages at a Glance the report reads: “Georgia is one of NATO’s closest partners and aspires to join the Alliance. Over time, a broad range of practical cooperation has supported Georgia’s reform efforts and its goal of Euro-Atlantic integration. The deteriorating security environment resulting from Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine significantly affects Georgia.”  

In addition to taking stock of the measures to assist Ukraine in defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression, the report notes that in light of the changed security environment NATO leaders agreed “agreed new measures to step up tailored political and practical support to partners, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova” referring to the decision taken at the Madrid Summit in June, when NATO Leaders endorsed tailored measures to further support  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.  

The Open Door subchapter states that “NATO’s door to membership remains open to all European democracies that share the values of the Alliance… and whose inclusion can contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area.” It notes that the 2022 Strategic Concept reaffirmed NATO’s Open Door Policy and stressed that this policy has unquestionably strengthened the Alliance and contributed to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.

In this context the report mentions Georgia and Ukraine, stating: “Allies remain committed to supporting the eventual NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine, in line with decisions taken at the 2008 Bucharest Summit and reaffirmed this at the 2022 Madrid Summit.”  

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