President Refuses to Support Draft Law on Foreign Agents

The Administration of the President of Georgia reacted to the draft law on foreign agents initiated by People’s Power saying that “the President of Georgia cannot support such legislation and persecution of new agents.”

“In the situation when the primary assessment of the fulfilment of the European Commission’s 12 recommendations is being prepared, when the upcoming February 24 makes the question of European future more relevant for the three countries of the Associated Trio, one of the political groups this time chooses to initiate the law that brings us closer to the flawed Russian model and not to the European model,” the statement released by the presidential administration notes.

The statement points out that the draft law was registered in the parliamentary bureau at the very time when the delegation of American senators is visiting the country. “This cannot be a coincidence. Instead of strengthening Georgia’s European path, a force has been set in motion to choose another path as the Georgian interest,” it added.

Representatives of the “People’s Power” faction, formed by the deputies who left “Georgian Dream” but remained in the parliamentary majority, announced on February 14 that they had drafted a bill on the activities of foreign-funded organizations. The authors cited the need to make the activities of agents of foreign influence a matter of urgency in adopting a legislative proposal. They also clarified that the amendments would not limit the activities of subjects registered as agents of foreign influence.

On February 20, the draft law, which has already provoked local and international criticism successfully passed the approval of the parliamentary bureau and was submitted to the committees (on legal affairs, defense and foreign relations) for consideration. The parliamentary bureau held its meeting under the protest of media representatives, who called on MPs not to adopt “Russian law.” 

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