President Zurabishvili Slams Georgian Dream for ‘Defeatism’ Toward Russia   

On February 9, President Zurabishvili accused the ruling Georgian Dream party of “defeatism” toward Russia, saying that “our defeatism is in unison only with Russian narratives and echoes only Russian propaganda.”

“I cannot explain, understand, or share this,” the President noted.

She also said that “the certain caution that was expressed by the government of a country that has occupied territories is understandable for everyone.” However, “caution has never excluded either dignity or solidarity, especially for us and our country.”

President Zurabishvili was apparently referring to the statement of Irakli Kobakhidze, the chairman of the ruling party, who said in an interview with Channel One on February 8 that Russia has an advantage in the war with Ukraine, which, according to him, is confirmed by the facts as well as by the Ukrainian government, U.S. and European representatives.

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