Shamba: The West Pushes Georgia for Opening “Second Front” in Abkhazia

“There is a threat of further aggravation of the situation in the region, because the West is pushing Georgia for opening “the second front” in Abkhazia, Russian news agency TASS quoted Sergei Shamba, the head of “the security council” of occupied Abkhazia, as saying.

Shamba made these remarks during a roundtable discussion in Sukhumi on the development of modern Abkhazia in the context of national security.

The head of “the security council” also noted that Sokhumi has strategic relations with Russia, which “protects its interests.” “It is important to demonstrate our commitment to the Russian Federation and simultaneously to strengthen the unity inside Abkhazia,” he added.

Shamba’s statements are echoing recent remarks made by the Georgian Dream leaders and the departed members of the ruling party about the attempts to drag Georgia into war – the allegations numerously denied by the country’s western partners.

This is not the first time Sokhumi is talking about opening of “the second front.” Speaking at a session of the public council of the Abkhaz “foreign ministry” in September, Inal Ardzinba, the occupied province’s top diplomat, said that the geopolitical situation both in the world and the region is complicated and “there are many forces aimed at diverting Russia’s military and economic resources away from the Donbas.”

“One of them is Georgia, which is actively conducting exercises with NATO, purchasing drones, and making attempts to produce them on its own territory,” he said, adding that “This is not how they prepare for peace, this is how they prepare for war.” Ardzinba also stressed that the likelihood of Georgia unleashing a conflict in Abkhazia is “quite high.”

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Speaking at the same session, Sergei Shamba stated that Georgia is “between two fires” and that the question of a second front opening up against Russia will depend on the “success” of its invasion of Ukraine.

“If the situation in Ukraine develops in favor of Russia, Georgia will behave with restraint, otherwise Tbilisi’s possible actions against Russia may receive support from many countries,” he noted.

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