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Georgian Citizen Released from Tskhinvali Custody After Suffering Stroke

The State Security Service of Georgia reported late on November 16 that Genadi Bestaev, who suffered stroke a day before in occupied Tskhinvali custody, has been transferred to Tbilisi-controlled territory.

Kremlin-backed leader Anatoly Bibilov pardoned Bestaev earlier yesterday, Tskhinvali-based RES news agency reported based on the South Ossetian security committee (KGB).

The Georgian State Security Service said the Co-Chairs of the Geneva International Discussions and the EU Monitoring Mission, among other international partners were involved in the process to achieve Bestaev’s release.

Bestaev was detained by the Russian occupation forces across the line of occupation, near Khelchua village, for “illegally crossing the state border” and “illegal drug smuggling” in November 2019. In March 2021, he was sentenced to three years in prison.

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