Another Abkhaz Lawmaker Probed Over Firing Shots into Air

Sokhumi city prosecutors have launched a probe over lawmaker Valeri Agrba firing gunshots into the air outside the legislature of occupied Abkhazia.

According to prosecutor, Agrba fired three shots while at the parking lot outside the legislative building on November 11 evening, during working hours.

Prosecutor said Agrba was accompanied by three other deputies Givi Kvarchia, Garri Kokaia, and Almaskhan Ardzinba during the incident.

Noteworthy, the Abkhaz prosecutors are investigating the latter two men over their involvement into September 30/October 1 shooting incidents in downtown Sokhumi.

Kokaia firing gunshots into air on Sokhumi embankment on September 30 led to highly controversial brawl between him and war veterans on one hand and police officers on the other, which resulted in continued calls for resignation of Abkhaz ‘interior minister’ Dmitri Dbar. Soon after the incident, Ardzinba drove towards the ‘interior ministry’ to fire gunshots into air.  The “supreme court” of the occupied region greenlighted the prosecutor’s motion and found delinquency into actions of both Kokaia and Ardzinba.

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