Defying Resignation Demands, Abkhaz ‘Interior Minister’ Returns to Work

Abkhaz leader Aslan Bzhania will keep Dmitri Dbar, temporarily suspended from his functions as ‘the interior minister’ in the aftermath of September 30 Sokhumi shooting incident, in defiance of continued calls for his resignation.

The decision was announced today after prosecution found no signs of corpus delicti – requisite elements of crime – in the actions of Dbar during the high-profile incident, which involved an opposition lawmaker, war veterans and policemen.

“Such incidents are unacceptable in the future,” the Kremlin-backed leader told Dbar today, who will get through by disciplinary sanction only.

“I was born into the family of a veteran of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia* and grew up surrounded by veterans,” Dbar told Bzhania, adding: “From the first day I wanted to apologize to the victims of the incident and shake their hands, but I didn’t have such an opportunity.”

*Meaning the 1992–1993 armed conflict in Abkhazia, which resulted in the defeat of Georgian government forces and Tbilisi losing control over Sokhumi – editor’s note

Dbar was suspended from his functions on October 3, but the calls for his complete resignation have not subdued ever since.

On October 31, veterans and youth from Adziubzha village – home of the veterans involved in the Sokhumi incident – have adopted a resolution, reiterating the resignation demands.

Expressing their outrage over the lack of “moral and ethical assessment” of the incident by the Abkhaz leadership, and prosecutor’s “criminal falsification, forgery and concealment,” they have announced rally in Sokhumi on November 4.


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