Police Arrest Nine Drug Trade Suspects

The Interior Ministry of Georgia announced on December 30 that police have arrested a group of nine persons in Tbilisi’s Ponichala district on charges of illegal purchase, storage and selling of drugs in particularly large quantities.

The Ministry noted the suspects sold drugs “on a regular basis,” adding that covert officers had also purchased heroin from them several times and videotaped the processes.

Police said it seized heroin, methadone as well as cash and mobile phones as evidence.

The Interior Ministry noted the investigation has been launched under Article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, envisaging punishment for a term of eight to twenty years or life imprisonment.

The Ministry said throughout the year it has arrested 71 drug dealers, uncovered one drug transit scheme,  arrested 16 persons for online drug trade, terminated 13 websites and uncovered a drug laboratory.  Police have seized 89 kgs of heroin, one kg of cocaine, 7,000 pills of Subutex and Suboxone and 6.5 kgs of new psychoactive substances, it added.

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