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Facebook Removes Networks Linked to Alliance of Patriots, Alt-info

Facebook stated in a November 5 report that during October it removed two Georgian networks, one linked to the political parties Alliance of Patriots and Georgian Choice and the other connected to the media outlet Alt-info. In total 104 Facebook accounts, 63 pages, six groups, eight events, 40 Instagram accounts were removed, according to the social media platform.

As part of the network connected to the Kremlin-friendly Alliance of Patriots and the Georgian Choice party, the report said Facebook removed 54 accounts, 14 pages, two groups and 21 Instagram accounts, which were “still at an early stage in their audience building.”

“The network posted primarily in Georgian, about news and politics in Georgia, including the parliamentary elections in October 2020, memes and other content about Russia-Georgia relations, supportive commentary about Alliance of Patriots and Georgian Choice parties and criticism of their opponents and Georgia-NATO relations,” Facebook stated.

Concerning the other network, the report said it was linked to the Georgian media outlet Alt-info, consisting of 50 Facebook accounts, 49 pages, four groups, eight events and 19 Instagram accounts, which coordinated to amplify and engage with the media outlet’s page and content, “to make it appear more popular than it was.” Alt-info was also banned from the social media platform, according to the report.

Facebook stated that the network posted primarily about news and current events in Georgia, on EU and Russian politics, the October 31 parliamentary elections, political figures and criticized other local media, as well as liberal politicians, immigrants, minorities and LGBTQ communities. “Some of this activity included posting hate speech and information rated false by independent fact-checkers in Georgia,” the report said.

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