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Facebook Removes Russia-linked Network Targeting Georgia

Social media platform Facebook has announced that it removed the Russian military-linked network – consisting of 214 Facebook users, 35 pages, 18 groups, and 34 Instagram accounts – engaged in “coordinated inauthentic behavior” that targeted multiple countries, including Georgia.

In its statement of September 24, Facebook said the network “focused primarily on Syria and Ukraine, and to a lesser extent on Turkey, Japan, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, and Moldova A small portion of this activity focused on the UK and the U.S.”

Noting that “people behind this campaign posted in many languages including English, Ukrainian, Russian and Arabic as they tailored their activity to each audience,” Facebook stated that “they frequently posted about news and current events, including the Syrian civil war, Turkish domestic politics, geopolitical issues in the Asia-Pacific region, NATO, the war in Ukraine, and politics in the Baltics, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and the U.S.”

According to Facebook, although the persons behind the operation took steps to conceal their identities and coordination, investigation connected these groups to the Russian military, including military intelligence services.

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