Autopsy Report on Young Programmer’s Death Case Released

On September 4, the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia (POG) released a statement on new findings, including the results of chemical-toxicological autopsy, chemical forensics, biological forensics, traceological forensics and genetic autopsy regarding the death of young programmer Tamar Bachaliashvili.

According to the chemical-toxicological autopsy results, traces of blood pressure medications, painkillers and sleeping pills were found in the stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys and muscles of the deceased’s body. The autopsy reports that “the amount of medications found exceeded the minimum lethal dose by the hundreds. Taking the medications simultaneously would also have had increased the severity of their effects on the body.”

Prosecutor’s Office said that chemical forensics confirm that the medications found in the Bachaliashvili’s body are identical to the pills and empty pill sheets found in her automobile.

According to the statement, on July 17, Bachaliashvili purchased 20 sleeping pills, 28 antidepressants, 30 histamine receptor antagonists, 60 pills for blood pressure and 12 pills of Coffeinum Natrium Benzoicum in various pharmacies. Biological forensics report states that the DNA samples found on the bottles, drug packages and pill sheets in the automobile, as well as on various parts of the automobile and personal belongings belong to Tamar Bachaliashvili.

POG noted that traceological forensics found no traces of mechanical impact on the deceased’s clothes.

The statement was accompanied by footage from security cameras of the pharmacies where Bachaliashvili purchased the medications.

The deceased programmer’s family also made a statement responding to the POG. “No suicide. Were they investigating suicide before? Did they need a month and a half to examine this? They should show us the satellite information, whether her car was actually there,” – the programmer’s mother, Teona Tamazashvili stated. The mother says that the Prosecutor’s Office has not appropriately proved whether the automobile actually was at the same location since Bachaliashvili’s disappearance. The family’s lawyer, Mikheil Ramishvili argues that the young programmer would physically be unable to take the amount of medications that the POG reported.

The 23-year-old programmer, Tamar Bachaliashvili was found deceased in her own automobile on July 22, four days after her family reported her disappearance. The family accused police of inaction and malpractice.

According to one of the recent revelations in the Bachaliashvili case, dug up by “Formula TV” – an anonymous source close to the investigation told the channel that the young programmer fell victim to accidentally uncovering compromising videos involving three high-ranking politicians. As per the same source, she was then attracted into a trap threatened and killed – while her body was dumped in her own car, transported to the venue where it was discovered, and cleaned of all the traces.

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