Prosecutors Bring New Charges against Cop Arrested on Negligent Manslaughter

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has brought new charges against a police officer, who was arrested on charges of negligent manslaughter, and accused him of premeditated murder.

If the prosecution finds him guilty, the police officer will be imprisoned for a term from seven to fifteen years.

A middle-aged woman was killed in Tbilisi at her own home on Easter Sunday, April 19, during curfew by a stray bullet fired by the cop from a balcony of the opposite residential building.

In a statement released on April 21, the Prosecutor’s Office said that the drunken police officer identified as S.G. went out on the balcony of his apartment at the time when, considering the state of emergency, the absolute majority of the population was staying at home, and fired several shots from his own firearm in the direction of the residential buildings.

The Prosecutor’s Office noted that the police officer was alone at home at the moment of shooting as his guests had left shortly before the incident. It also noted that CCTV camera installed on the residential building captured the moment of their departure.

Initially, the Prosecutor’s Office launched investigation under article 116 of the criminal code of Georgia, involving negligent manslaughter and punished by imprisonment for a term of two to four years.

The court hearing into the case will be held on April 22.

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