Security Service Reports on Illegal ‘Borderization’ on Tbilisi-Controlled Territory

The State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) informed today that the occupying forces erected “illegal installations” on Tbilisi-controlled territory near Chorchana village of Khashuri Municipality, at the dividing line with Tskhinvali Region.

Slamming the fact as “provocative action,” SSG said the action showcases “illegal borderization.” It further noted the process is part of “the illegal activities,” that the occupying forces have been carrying out along the line of occupation since 2011.

“The issue of provocative actions of the occupying forces in the forest near the villages of Chorchana and Tsaghvli of Khashuri Municipality has been strongly put forward both at the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meetings, as well as the rounds of Geneva International Discussions (GIDs),” the Security Service added.

SSG further noted that it activated EUMM-managed hotline, as well as all international mechanisms at its disposal.

The Security Service also added that consultations with international partners are underway on holding IPRM meeting in shortest time possible, where the central government would “again strongly demand to dismantle illegal installations” in the Tsaghvli-Chorchana forest area.

In September, amid increasing tensions over the Georgian police checkpoint, occupation forces erected signs to mark “the border” in the Chorchana-Tsnelisi area. The EU monitors then confirmed that these pushed the line of occupation 1.3 kilometres into the Tbilisi-administered area.

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