Prosecutor’s Office Charges Tbilisi Sakrebulo Member over Sexual Violence

The Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges against Ilia Jishkariani, majoritarian member of Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo) from Isani single-mandate constituency, who was accused of sexual and physical violence against Tamta Todadze, a member of his staff.

In a statement released on October 8, the Prosecutor’s Office said that charges have been brought under articles 138 and 126 of the criminal code of Georgia, involving violent act of sexual nature, beating as well as other violence that has caused the victim physical or mental pains.

The Prosecutor’s Office also granted Tamta Todadze the status of a victim.

Reports about sexual and physical violence by Jishkariani emerged after Tamta Todadze told Mtavari Arkhi TV on October 4 that about a week ago Jishkariani tried to have a sexual intercourse with her, but after the latter’s refusal, he insulted Todadze physically and broke her mobile phone.

The Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against Jishkariani only 10 days after the incident.

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