Tbilisi Sakrebulo Member Accused of Sexual Violence

Ilia Jishkariani, majoritarian member of Tbilisi City Council (Sakrebulo) from Isani single-mandate constituency, was accused of sexual and physical violence against Tamta Todadze, a member of his staff.

Reports emerged after Tamta Todadze told Mtavari Arkhi TV on October 4 that about a week ago Jishkariani tried to have a sexual intercourse with her, but after the latter’s refusal, he insulted Todadze physically and broke her mobile phone.

Todadze’s mother, Khatuna Okropiridze told the same TV channel that her daughter called patrol police and asked them to accompany her to the incident scene, but “the investigators did not deem it necessary” and visited the place only a few hours after at night.

Okropiridze also noted that her neighbor, who as she said, is also Jishkariani’s friend, offered the family not to disclose the incident and reach an agreement on the issue, but they refused to do it.

Mtavari Arkhi reported that the Interior Ministry has launched investigation under three articles, involving sexual violence, physical injuries and damage of an item.

The Prosecutor’s Office has yet to bring charges against the Sakrebulo member. Neither has Tamta Todadze been granted the status of an alleged victim of violence as well.

Ilia Jishkariani has not made any official comments so far. He only sent an SMS to Mtavari Arkhi, saying that he would not answer to such “dirtiness,” promising to clarify the issue through legal means.

Speaking at the today’s press conference at Sapari, local civil society organization protecting women’s rights, Baia Pataraia, the head of the organization, noted that “the Prosecutor’s Office does not fulfill its obligations.”

“We will not allow anyone to hush up this incident… we will not allow that the incident remains uninvestigated. Justice should be enforced,” she said.

Tamta Todadze also spoke at the same press conference, noting that she will use all arguments and evidence to prove her truth.

Ilia Jishkariani first entered the Tbilisi Sakrebulo in 2014 through the Georgian Dream’s party list. In 2017, he was elected as Georgian Dream’s majoritarian MP from Isani single-mandate constituency.

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