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CSOs Announce Disobedience to Foreign Agents Law

On May 28, Georgian civil society organizations issued a statement announcing their disobedience to the Foreign Agents Law, which was adopted yesterday, after overriding the President’s veto. In the statement, the organizations pledge to defend the rights of demonstrators against the Agents Law and to protect each citizen’s vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The statement reads: “55 days ago, the government broke its promise to the Georgian people and reintroduced the Russian law. It wanted to break the civil sector by passing this law, but it received unprecedented unity and tireless opposition. The Georgian people firmly defend and will defend their European future and will never get used to living under the Russian boot. The Russian law will not work in our country! It will remain a piece of paper that no one will obey!”

The civil society organizations emphasize that the Government knowingly created threats to Georgia’s economy, international reputation, civil order and peace in order to create obstacles for people to help each other and stand together against the law, but in the past 55 days the people have proven that “people never get tired of loving their country”. They also add that despite intimidation by special forces, beatings and curses, arrests and illegal fines, the government has not been able to stop the civil sector from helping Georgians, and that help won’t stop until the law is not abolished.

The NGOs announce that they will not stop protecting Georgians, whether it’s through legal assistance and representation in domestic and international courts, or raising money to pay the fines of arrested protesters. They also promise to protect the vote of each and every Georgian citizen in the upcoming elections, saying: “We will be with you at every polling station and we will observe to protect free and fair elections!”

The statement concludes with NGOs reiterating: “This is Georgia! We will not turn into Russians! Georgian people will once again inspire the whole world with their fight for freedom. We declare disobedience – not to the Russian law! yes to Europe!”

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