Popular Protests Continue against Foreign Agents’ Law

Rallies continue in Tbilisi against the Foreign Agents law, as citizens of all generations gathered again on April 21 in Tbilisi, again blocking Rustaveli avenue. Many demonstrators came with their families, representing several generations. The demonstration began with the Georgian national anthem, followed by the EU anthem, after which the demonstrators marched to the Supreme Court to demand a free and transparent judiciary.

The demonstrators chanted “Samachablo [Tskhinvali region] is Georgia!”, “Abkhazia is Georgia!”, “Yes to Europe, no to Russian law!”, “We are here to Slay, not to Obey”, “Where are we going? To Europe!”, “No to Russian law, No to Russian government, No to offshore law!”

The demonstrators marched along the right bank of the Mtkvari river, past the Hall of Justice and then, symbolically, to Europe Square.

Protesters marching on Rustaveli ave on April 21, Photo: Gigi Kobakhidze/
Protesters in front of the Parliament building, April 21, Photo: Gigi Kobakhidze/
Demonstrators are greeted with an EU flag, April 21, Photo: Gigi Konakhidze/

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