Court: Formula TV’s Dismissal of Cameraman Unlawful

On March 13, the Tbilisi City Court ruled that Formula TV’s decision to fire cameraman Giorgi Jibghashvili was unlawful, according to the Social Justice Center (SJC), a watchdog which defended his interests in the court.

On February 3, 2023 it was announced that the Formula TV fired 25 cameramen who had been on strike since January 31 the same year, demanding a wage increase. According to the SJC, later the company reinstated some of the cameramen after reaching an agreement with them. However, Formula TV refused to reinstate Jibghashvili, “which took the form of a punitive measure for [his] active involvement in the strike,” the SJC says.

The watchdog says the court also deemed Formula’s imposition of disciplinary responsibility on Jibghashvili unlawful. Consequently, the court ordered the company to provide the plaintiff with compensation and back pay equivalent to his salary from the date of dismissal until the execution of the court’s decision.

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