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CSOs Launch Meetings with Embassies, Announce Public March as Georgia Awaits EU Candidacy

In the run-up to the European Council’s decision on Georgia’s EU candidacy, dozens of local Georgian civil society organizations stepped up their efforts, launching an active pro-EU campaign and holding meetings with the diplomatic missions of EU member states. During these meetings, representatives of local CSOs hand over their joint letters to the ambassadors. The letters are addressed to a specific government whose ambassador they meet.

On December 14-15, the European Council will decide on whether or not to grant Georgia EU candidate status, following the European Commission’s positive recommendation on November 8.

Meetings with Diplomatic missions

On November 28, the CSOs met with the Greek Ambassador to Georgia. The organizations reportedly handed the letter to the Ambassador, who will deliver it to the Greek government.

“We urge the EU member states and their leaders to uphold the recommendation of the [European] Council. Of course, we are aware of the many challenges Georgia faces, but at the same time, we believe that this is a chance for our country and that we, the Georgian society, must be given a chance to prove that we really are the part of Europe,” said Eka Gigauri, the head of the Transparency International / TI – Georgia.

“We had a very interesting meeting. We gave her the letter co-signed by 70 organizations, which she will deliver to the [Greek] government. We want to contribute as much as possible, and we want to be as aware as possible that we are going to make a very important decision for our country, and that is exactly what our campaign, meetings and visits to embassies are for,” said Nodar Chachanidze, a civic activist.

On November 29, another meeting was held with the Ambassadors of Lithuania and Estonia. CSOs handed over the joint letter to the Ambassadors.

“Ahead of the European Council’s decision, it is important that the united voice of Georgia is heard in Europe. Our goal is to convey the unwavering position of the CSOs to all the Ambassadors of the European countries, so that the leaders of the European Council, the EU member states, express their support for Georgia, and so that Georgia gets the candidate status. Although we have a positive recommendation from the European Commission, everything is not over yet and there is a political decision ahead, which requires [us] to show such unity,” said Eduard Marikashvili, Chairman of the “Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI).

On November 30, the civil society representatives met with the Ambassadors of France and Germany and delivered their joint appeal.

After the meeting, the German Ambassador to Georgia, Peter Fischer, told the journalist that the CSOs handed him the letter signed by 80 organizations. The Ambassador said that Germany wants Georgia to get the EU candidate status and expressed his hope for a positive decision of the European Council.

December 9 March with the Biggest EU Flag 

In addition to the meetings with the diplomatic missions of the EU member states, the local civil society organizations also announced the public march on December 9. According to them, the march will start from the Republic Square and end at the Europe’s square. They also plan to make the biggest EU flag in the world and unfurl it on the Europe’s square in the center of Tbilisi.

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