Former “Rustavi 2” Journalists Win Court Case Against the TV Channel

Paata Iakobashvili, a former journalist and TV anchor for “Rustavi 2” and current employee of “Mtavari Arkhi”, won the case against “Rustavi 2” in all three instances. Teo Zakarashvili, a lawyer for “Transparency International-Georgia” (TIG), told that the Supreme Court satisfied Iakobishvili’s case on July 13. On the same day, the case of another journalist, Tengiz Gogotishvili, also won his case against Rustavi2.

According to these decisions, “Rustavi 2” is obliged to pay backpay and compensation to the journalists, according to the information disseminated by the non-governmental organization “Transparency International – Georgia” (TIG), which defended the interests of Iakobashvili and Gogotishvili in court.

The lawyer, Teo Zakarashvili, confirmed to Civil.Ge that the plaintiffs demanded compensation for unpaid wages from the TV company, and the court fully satisfied their claim. According to the lawyer, she cannot disclose the amount of money to be paid to the journalists, as the information is confidential. As for the compensation, “Rustavi 2” will have to pay 0.07% of the salary amount to the former employees in the form of severance pay every day from the day the decision comes into force until its execution.

Paata Iakobashvili left the “Rustavi 2” television on August 20 2019, after the new director, Paata Salia, dismissed Nodar Meladze, the head of the station’s newsroom, Giorgi Laperashvili, the producer, Giorgi Gabunia, Eka Kvesitadze, the hosts of political talk shows, and Nanuka Zhorzholiani, the author and host of an entertainment program “Nanuka’s Show.”

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