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Court Convicts Three in Post-Vaccine Death Case of Georgian Nurse

Georgia’s Prosecutor General’s Office announced on July 7 that the Tbilisi City Court found two doctors and a nurse guilty of providing false information during the investigation into the case of Megi Bakradze, a nurse at the Akhaltsikhe “Imedi” clinic who died as a result of an alleged anaphylactic reaction after receiving a vaccination against Covid-19.

The court found all three guilty under the second part of Article 370 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (providing false information, committed with other personal motives). Two of the defendants were sentenced to three years, and one to two years and six months. The prosecutor’s office reported that “two defendants were detained in the courtroom and a search was issued for one more defendant”.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, all three persons during interrogation as witnesses, “despite being warned by the investigator about the criminal responsibility for providing false information,.. obstructed justice and provided false information to the investigation with the motive of relieving responsibility of the doctor”.

During the interrogation, the defendants stated that after the deterioration of Megi Bakradze’s health, the immunization doctor Violeta Inasaridze injected her with adrenaline. “However, the investigation revealed that the defendant did not in fact administer adrenaline to the victim.”

In 2022, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia had charged the doctor of the same clinic, Violeta Inasaridze, under the second part of Article 130 of the Criminal Code (under the article of abandoning a patient in distress) in the case of Megi Bakradze. She faces an additional 3 to 5 years in prison.

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