Patriarchate of Georgia Urges Legislative Action Against “LGBT Propaganda”

The Georgian Orthodox Patriarchate issued a statement on July 2 in response to Tbilisi Pride Week, scheduled for July 1-8, calling for legislative action against “the attempts to implant perverse lifestyle.”

The statement reads that the Pride Week events would have a “negative influence even if held indoors.”

Patriarchate contends that “LGBT propaganda” ideology is unacceptable, particularly in a country with “deep-rooted Christian values and a centennial cultural heritage.” They argue that any form of such “propaganda” targeted at teenagers constitutes “violence against their consciousness.”

The Church says that holding such events “in disregard to the repeated protest from a significant portion of Georgia’s population” demonstrates disrespect for the nation’s core values and represents an intentional effort to undermine moral principles.

The Church contends that apart from the “propaganda of sin,” such events cause civic unrest and heighten tensions, as evidenced by the growing polarization in society during LGBT events. They emphasize the need “to cure the factors of tensions at the early stage.”

The statement says the Church “never calls for violence” but cares “for promoting peace”; thus, it calls on society to launch discussions on “resolving the problem through legislative means.”

The legislative proposal to “ban LGBT propaganda” was launched as a public initiative by the Conservative Movement/Alt-Info in December 2022 and was formally registered as the legislative proposal in May 2023. The passing of such a law was also included among the demands of the ultra-conservative gathering in May. The spokesperson of the Georgian Dream assured then that his party “was not planning to pass such a proposal.”

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