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Bzhania Echoes Georgian Dream “Second Front” Rhetoric

Aslan Bzhania, de facto leader of occupied Abkhazia, spoke at the 14th congress of the Amtsakhara political party in Sokhumi on Tuesday, March 21.

He characterized the situation around Abkhazia as complex. “The international politico-military situation is extremely difficult. Russia is forced to conduct a special military operation. More than 50 states, including almost all of Europe and the United States, are opposing our ally.”

Echoing the Georgian Dream “second-front” narrative he emphasized: “Against this backdrop, these same forces want to overthrow the Georgian government and open a second front. For this purpose, they are preparing large-scale political actions in Georgia in April and May of this year. The situation today is more complicated than in 2008.”

Bzhania regretted that the opportunities to strengthen Abkhazia’s defense capabilities and create a common defense and security space, laid down in the so-called “Treaty on Alliance and Strategic Partnership” between the “Republic of Abkhazia” and the Russian Federation of 24 November 2014, had not been adequately realized.

According to the local source, he reported, “without going into detail, on the large-scale work to increase the mobilization and combat readiness of the “Armed Forces of the Republic of Abkhazia”. Bzhania pointed to the need to strengthen cooperation with the Russian Federation and its regions. “We do not need a war, but we are ready for anything. Together, in unity, and in an alliance with fraternal Russia,” he said.

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