Criticism Mounts Over Georgian PM’s Repeat “War Conspiracy” Claims

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, has faced criticism from international partners of Georgia after accusing MEPs and Ukraine of attempting to drag Georgia into the war.

Garibashvili claimed that during recent protests in Georgia, several MEPs and Ukrainian officials made statements implying a wish to involve Georgia in the war and make it fight alongside Ukraine. He urged the Georgian people to be vigilant and cautious to prevent any provocations.

Adam Kinzinger, a US politician and former Congressman, strongly refuted Garibashvili’s claims, stating that they were “absolute lies”. Kinzinger also implied that Garibashvili’s statement was an attempt to curry favor with Russia.

MEP Viola von Cramon also questioned Garibashvili’s statement, particularly the claim that 100 MEPs were involved in a corruption scandal. She asked for the source of this number and noted that most of the MEPs accused of corruption were from Georgian Dream’s sister party.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves, a former President of Estonia, also condemned Garibashvili’s statement, stating that if Garibashvili truly believed that Europe was dictating to Georgia, then perhaps Europe was not the place for him. Ilves emphasized that Europe did not need those who acted in such a way towards it.

Ukraine’s MFA spokesperson, Oleg Nikolenko, stated that over the past few days, the Prime Minister and the leadership of Georgia’s Parliament have made a number of unfriendly statements in relation to Ukraine. He went on to add that the Georgian authorities were “almost expertly repeating theses of Russian propaganda,” and that they had accused Ukraine of “preparing a coup in Georgia, dragging it into a war with Russia, sending forces to ignite a civil war.” Nikolenko was quick to reject these accusations, stating that they had “nothing to do with reality.”

The Ukraine’s “Servant of the People” faction’s chairman, Davit Arakhamia, took to social media platform “Telegram” to assert that safeguarding democracy in Georgia, is the primary responsibility of the global community, given that the Georgian government is believed to be infiltrated by Russian agents. According to him, the Georgian people, understand this, but the Prime Minister pretends not to. No one in Ukraine, he claims, wants to involve Georgia in the war.

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