Majority Drops the Bill on “Foreign Agents” in the Second Reading

Amid public protests, the ruling majority fulfilled its promise and failed the Russian-style bill on “Transparency of Foreign Funding”. In the second reading, 35 deputies voted against it. Only 1 was in favor.

115 deputies took part in today’s vote on the bill. Of those present, 79 did not participate in the vote at all. The deputies from “UNM – United Opposition “Strength in Unity”, “Lelo”, “Reform Group”, “Girchi”, “Citizens” and non-attached deputies voted against the bill, while the deputies from “Georgian Dream” either did not attend the meeting or did not vote. “Georgian Dream” MP Dimitri Samkharadze was the only one who supported the bill. He later explained that it was a technical issue.

Notably, none of the 76 majority MPs that supported the bill on March 7 voted against it on March 10.

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