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“Vivamedi” Doctors Speak of Saakashvili’s Grave Health Condition

Doctors of the Vivamedi clinic, where ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili has been undergoing treatment since May 2022, held a press conference on February 22, saying that his health condition is “deteriorating.”

Saakashvili’s doctor, Tamar Davarashvili noted that Saakashvili’s body weight has decreased significantly, and as of February 20, he weighs about 67kg. She also said that his illness has weakened him to the point that he has difficulty walking and stays in bed most of the time.  

The doctor also noted that Saakashvili’s “unbalanced diet” was “most deplorable.” She also explained that the former Georgian president remains in a therapeutic ward due to his normal respiration rate.  

Meanwhile, Sopo Mebuke, an endocrinologist, told reporters that Saakashvili consumes three times fewer calories than needed for normal functioning of his body and less than needed to maintain his weight.

“So, it is logical that he is losing weight. He continues to eat the food he prefers,” the doctor said, adding that Saakashvili does not suffer from any endocrinological pathology.  

Zurab Chkhaidze, the clinical director of Vivamedi, said that “the doctors are doing their utmost and are offering Saakashvili all the methods and means of modern treatment.”

“All this can be explained by his psycho-emotional state. The patient cannot tolerate the situation he is in, and he says so himself,” Chkhaidze added.  

Mikheil Saakashvili’s response

In response to the press conference, Mikheil Saakashvili wrote on Facebook that “the only truth in their words was that my condition is serious and rapidly deteriorating, and the clinic actually cannot do anything. The other parts was a lie.”

“This clinic refused to treat my main disease, which is heavy metal poisoning, anorexia and cachexia,” the former president noted, adding “nobody wants to live as much as I do.” He added: “I want to witness the victory of Ukraine, which is within reach and the end of all Putinists.”

Saakashvili said that “we are in the final stage of a special operation to assassinate me” and that “lawmakers, journalists and now the clinic are taking part in it.” “I call on Georgia and the world not to allow this criminal corporation to carry out its evil intentions.”

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