Politicians React to EC Reports on Alignment with EU Acquis

The European Commission has published its reports on the alignment of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine with the EU acquis. This analytical report complements the Opinions of the European Commission published in June 2022, which dealt only with some key areas of cooperation. The report assesses each of the three countries’ accession readiness. 

Below is a sampling of the reactions from across the political spectrum: 

Remarks by President, Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister  

Salome Zurabishvili, President of Georgia: “It is very important that the European Commission positively assesses the steps taken by Georgia towards the alignment with the EU acquis. We welcome this positive assessment, which focuses on Georgia’s fulfillment of 12 recommendations so that Georgia can obtain candidate status in the shortest possible time.”   

Irakli Garibashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia: “The document highlights the progress made by our country on the path of European integration and makes it clear that Georgia, as the number one reformer, deserves the status of an EU candidate country.”  

Ilia Darchiashvili, Foreign Minister of Georgia: “The report is extremely positive, and the European Commission has recognized the important progress made by Georgia in almost all areas. In addition, the report positively assesses Georgia’s efforts in the areas ensuring the country’s legislative and institutional alignment with the EU, emphasizing that Georgia is the leader in terms of sectoral reforms… I would like to emphasize that 12 priorities outlined by the European Council are being successfully implemented; some of them have been fully implemented, some of the legislative acts have been sent to the Venice Commission for its opinion, and there are several priorities where no progress can be made without the involvement and participation of the opposition… We hope that the European side when making a political decision at the end of this year, will take into account the results of the fulfillment of 12 priorities, as well as the progress highlighted in the report, which is an important element on the path to full EU membership.”  

Remarks by MPs 

Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of the Georgian Dream party: “First of all, I would like to thank the European Commission for its very positive assessment of our country. With this document, the EC has confirmed what we have been insisting on since last June: the report clearly shows that Georgia deserved the candidate status in all parameters. Georgia is 12 points ahead of Moldova by 12 points and ahead of Ukraine in almost all key parameters. So, it is up to the public to judge whether the political decision taken by the EU structures last year was just… The EC assessment document makes it clear that if a decision is made based on objective criteria, Georgia should definitely receive the EU candidate status this year.”  

Shalva Papuashvili, Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia: “According to the EC assessment of the second part of the EU membership questionnaire, Georgia has the best results among the [Associated] Trio countries in three out of six groups. This assessment once again confirms that in case of a merit-based decision, Georgia should have received the candidate status already last June.”  

Khatia Dekanoidze, the United National Movement: “The positive report of the European Commission is very important for our country because we are at the most important stage when the country is striving to get the EU candidate status. But the fulfillment of 12 recommendations remains a challenge for the Georgian state and government, especially in areas of democracy, media freedom, and political justice.” 

For Georgia party: “We have always said that from a technical point of view, Georgia has always been the leader in the Associated Trio. This assessment clearly confirms it… The most important thing now is to change the irresponsible policy of the Georgian Dream government toward the West as well as the aggressive rhetoric that we hear through Russian propaganda messages. We should also remember the responsibility of the opposition… This assessment confirms that our country has real partners and friends in the West, and we should not forget that the country has not yet fulfilled the 12 recommendations of the EU.”  

Grigol Gegelia, Lelo for Georgia party: “What today’s news confirms is that Georgia has a much higher chance to be a successful candidate for EU membership than any other country. But we have lost this chance due to [GD Chair MP Irakli] Kobakhidze’s, [GD spokesperson MP Mamuka] Mdinaradze’s, and other anti-Georgian, anti-European actions.” 

Teona Akubardia, Strategy Agmashenebeli: “It is very important that this positivity expressed in the report is accompanied by the fulfillment of 12 recommendations… We do not have the luxury of saying that everything is okay and that this is a precondition for receiving the candidate status. It is necessary to make further progress both in the implementation of the Association Agreement and in the fulfillment of the 12 recommendations, as well as to establish correct strategic communication with our Western partners.” 

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