Plans for “National Liberation Movement” Announced

On January 23, leaders of the parties “Droa,” “Strategy Builder,” and “Girchi-More Freedom,” as well as representatives of various facets of society, gathered on Rustaveli Avenue and announced the launch of a new “national liberation movement,” which, they say, will result in the abolition of “collaborationism” and the return of the usurped power to the people. They plan to organize a symbolic action of solidarity with the Ukrainian people on February 24, the day of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Demonstrations will continue, the organizers say.

The Droa party’s head, Elene Khoshtaria, stated that the ideas of Georgia’s dignity, European perspective, independence, and freedom are shared by everyone who came to the gathering today. She also mentioned that the date of February 24 draws the line between nations with a developed future and evil Russia, which has no future.

“On February 24, we have to once again demonstrate [to the world] that despite quarrels, mistakes, and differences, we stand together in critical moments and declare that Georgia has a future of European development [standard] and Georgia will not go back to the past,” Khoshtaria stated.

Giorgi Vashadze, leader of the Strategy Agmashenebeli party, noted that the Georgian government has violated the constitution and is disregarding the will of the Georgian people to have a European future. “They [the government] are claiming that [being close to] Russia is better than building a strong Georgia together with the developed world. We cannot tolerate it,” he added.

“The current state of affairs is that we are losing the nation and falling to Russia. Have we lost our sense of shame, people? If we give in to Russia right now, we would have to endure an eternal feeling of shame that we will ever escape from..,” A well-known Georgian painter, Gia Bughadze spoke to the gathering.

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