Abkhazia, Syria Issue Statement Supporting Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Inal Ardzinba, the Abkhaz “foreign minister,” and Faisal Mekdad, the Foreign Minister of Syria, issued a joint statement on 25 August which, among other things, pledged support for Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, as well as occupied Donetsk and Luhansk “republics.”

The statement claimed that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “aimed at creating a more just world order, where the rights of historical destiny are respected.”

The statement condemned measures taken by Western countries against occupied Abkhazia, Syria, and Russia, which they called, “illegal, archaic, senseless, absolutely counterproductive, and inhumane.”

The parties also claimed that they are “united in the fight against international terrorism” and blamed “some” Western states for coordinating and supporting terrorist groups in Syria. On that note, they called for the “withdrawal of illegitimate foreign forces” from Syria.

As part of the document, Abkhazia and Syria also committed to “intensifying and coordinating the activities of the foreign ministries and diplomatic missions of the states in matters of expanding contacts, the Eurasian integration agenda…”

The parties committed to strengthening trade and economic relations, including by creating institutions to facilitate more bilateral cooperation.

Finally, the document stated that the people’s interest in “mutual cultural enrichment” underscores the importance of cooperation in culture and tourism.

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