Georgian PM on European Commission’s Recommendations

Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has said the European Commission’s opinion on Georgia’s candidacy bid is a “historic decision” as it recognizes the European perspective for the country.

On June 17, the Commission recommended the Council — which is set to make the final decision on June 23-24 — to give Georgia a European perspective, with the country first required to meet conditions before reaching candidate status. The Commission however recommended candidate status for Moldova and Ukraine, with an understanding that the two countries will pursue reforms. 

“As soon as the Council approves these recommendations, we will immediately start working with Brussels,” PM said at today’s government meeting, adding that “most of these recommendations have already been on our agenda, there are other issues that we will clarify with Brussels, work on and get candidate status.”

But the Prime Minister acknowledged that “most citizens are left with some questions as to why Moldova and Ukraine are more encouraged,” claiming however that “Moldova and Ukraine have an absolutely identical record of prospects, that is the Commission recommended the Council to grant them status, perspective and also status, that means they are actually given the status as a prepayment.”

“This is sort of an advance, a reward for Ukraine, which is in a grave war, and also for Moldova, which is in a very difficult situation. At the same time, they are being asked to carry out a number of reforms.”

“Ukraine is in the most difficult situation; 20% of the territories have already been lost and the war continues,” the PM went on, adding that Moldova as the bordering state has also been affected by the war, including by accepting refugees, as well as increased economic and security risks.

“Our European colleagues have been telling me, and I also said that Ukraine is being given this status because it is at war. A few days ago European leaders were already publicly confirming the fact that this decision was made because Ukraine is at war and in my personal conversations they also said that Moldova is also in a very difficult situation.”

“I do not really envy either Ukraine or Moldova. I would like to congratulate our Ukrainian and Moldovan friendly peoples on this success. I want to wish them peace and unification of the country.”

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