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Georgian Opposition Reacts to EU Commission’s Opinion

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced today that the Commission recommends candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova with an understanding that the countries carry on necessary reforms, while it recommends a European perspective to Georgia, with the country first required to meet conditions before reaching candidate status.

Below is a compilation of some of the reactions from opposition politicians to the Commission’s opinion: 

Nika Melia, United National Movement: “The West made it clear that its door remains open and we can knock at it once the commitment to “de-oligarchization” is fulfilled. Do you put up with the oligarch? Do you want to see Bidzina Ivanishvili’s personal guards who do not care about the state interests in top positions? Then, it’s up to you to decide… This government has no will to implement successful, democratic reforms… It is naïve to think that the oligarch will give up his levers unless Georgian people express its firm will…”

Mamuka Khazaradze, Lelo for Georgia: “Let’s wait for June 24 and the final decision [by the Council]. But if the decision remains unchanged, it will be a clear reason to dismiss this government… Today, as never before, Georgia needs the EU candidate status.”

MP Giorgi Vashadze, Strategy Agmashenebeli: “Today’s decision is the last chance for our country and we, including the opposition, and civil society, have worked hard to prevent the door from closing for Georgia… We should all gather on June 20 and we should unite our forces to ensure that we and our children are not deprived of the EU perspective.”

MP Alexander Rakviashvili, New Political Center Girchi: “It is regrettable that we came to such results, especially as one of the conditions is absolutely unfulfillable in our reality – I mean, the end to polarization. Thus, from today’s perspective, the European integration perspective looks quite obscure.”

Giga Bokeria, European Georgia: “This message, in this grave situation, where the country was dragged to by Ivanishvili’s regime, actually was the best one for the country, but with an important pretext – simply speaking, Georgia can return to the family of free nations on condition that the country’s course, the current regime is changed. That is just what is written there.”

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