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No Mention of Russia, as Tbilisi Condemns Bucha Massacre

Georgia’s Parliament Chairperson Shalva Papuashvili, Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani and the Foreign Ministry have condemned atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine, albeit failed to explicitly name Russia as the perpetrator.

“Shocked by horrible atrocities in Bucha and other places of Ukraine. Reminded me of brutal crimes against peaceful civilians in Abkhazia in the early 1990s and Tskhinvali region in 2008,” tweeted on April 3 Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili.

“It must end, perpetrators must be brought to justice,” he said.

“We strongly condemn the [Bucha Massacre and] inhumanity directed against innocent civilians. We are devastated by the scenes of brutal atrocities,” the Foreign Ministry tweeted.

It added: “All those involved in these war crimes must bear responsibility! Our heartfelt condolences to Ukrainian people.”

“It is shocking to see the magnitude of inhumanity against innocent civilians that has been taking place in Bucha and other regions of Ukraine!,” Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Zaliakiani retweeted the post by his ministry.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, albeit making lengthy controversial comment on Ukraine earlier today, failed to respond to the reports of Russian-conducted massacres in Bucha and other parts of Ukraine.

Ukraine, having liberated Russian-held areas in Kyiv Oblast, said Russia’s forces had executed local civilians arbitrarily. Mayor of Bucha, a satellite town northwest of Kyiv, stated the bodies of around 300 civilians were found in mass graves after Russian troops withdrew.

Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed today on Twitter that “the photos and video footage from Bucha are another hoax, a staged provocation.”

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