87% of Georgians: Ukraine’s War Ours Too

A new public opinion survey, conducted by Tbilisi-based Analysis and Consulting Team (ACT), shows 88% of Georgian respondents are cheering for Ukraine which is fighting Russia’s armed attack since February 24. Only 1% want to see Russia as the winner.

63% of surveyed Georgians are optimistic that Ukraine will prevail. 12% think Moscow will get the upper hand. 20% have no answer, while 5% reckon the war will have no winner.

According to the survey, 84% of Georgian respondents say “Russia is the enemy.” 11% does not agree with the statement. 91% of believe that Russia’s actions in Ukraine constitute a war crime.

As per ACT, Georgians overwhelmingly perceive as painful Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

96% of respondents reckon that events in Ukraine fully or partially affects Georgia too. The study however does not elaborate whether Georgians have political, economic, military or other factors in mind when subscribing to the statement.

87% of Georgians say “Ukraine’s war is our war too,” while 72% believe that “if Russia wins in Ukraine, Georgia will be the next in line.”

But 51% of respondents say Georgia should expect problems from Russia irrespective of Moscow’s success or failure in Ukraine.

According to the survey, 49% of respondents did not expect war in Ukraine. 31% expected the war on the entire Ukrainian territory, including the capital Kyiv, while 17% expected war taking a new turn in Russian-occupied Donbas or adjacent areas.

The survey was fielded by Tbilisi-based research and consulting company Analysis and Consulting Team (ACT) between March 4 and 6, 2022 and was carried out through nationwide telephone interviews (excluding occupied territories) with 809 respondents. The sampling error, according to ACT, stands at 4.2%.

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