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Tbilisi Reacts to Recall of Ukrainian Ambassador

Georgian Dream party chairperson Irakli Kobakhidze and Head of the Government Administration Ilia Darchiashvili have responded to Zelenskyy’s decision to recall their ambassador from Georgia over Tbilisi’s refusal of chartered flight to transport volunteers to Ukraine, and to impose sanctions on Russia.

“There is sort of a coordinated attempt to drag Georgia directly into the armed conflict. This very unfortunate decision by the Ukrainian authorities, to put it mildly, is an expression of this coordination action,” MP Kobakhidze said.

The ruling party chairperson claimed that the United National Movement, Georgia’s largest opposition party, was involved in the alleged plot from the Georgian side, but he did not point accusatory fingers at any specific party or official on the Ukrainian side.

“I do not want this to get interpreted as if the UNM and [President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy are coordinating together,” Kobakhidze said, without elaborating further.

To back his claim, the ruling party chair pointed out that Kyiv has not recalled its ambassadors from Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Israel, countries that also refused to hit Russia with sanctions.

“There is only one reason, this is because there is no interest for [these countries] to get involved in the conflict,” he argued.

MP Kobakhidze added that Kyiv’s decision was “absolutely unacceptable and unjustifiable,” considering Georgia’s support for Ukraine in international organizations amid the war.

Head of the Government Ilia Darchiashvili echoed the GD party chair, claiming “attempts and provocations to drag Georgia into the war are not ceasing and this process is directly masterminded by a destructive opposition and the United National Movement.”

He claimed this process is aimed at “inviting military activities” in Georgia and “masterminded by the destructive opposition and its members stationed both in Tbilisi and Kyiv.”

Darchiashvili claimed the “provocative” attempt to send a Georgian volunteers yesterday was meant to be “an indirect involvement of Georgia in the military activities.”

“Even indirect engagement of Georgia in the military activities would lead to irreparable consequences to our country,” he said.

The Head of the Government Administration said despite President Zelenskyy’s “incomprehensible” decision, Georgia “continues and will further provide political support and humanitarian aid to Ukraine within its capacity.”

Meanwhile, Georgians have begun to gather in Tbilisi for a demonstration demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, following the series of controversial decisions by the Government in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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