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Georgia to Further Ease COVID Curbs

The Georgian Government announced today it would ease a number of COVID restrictions and strike down several public health measures starting from March 1.

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council, responsible for fighting back the pandemic in the country, has argued the receding wave of the Omicron strain allowed for the gradual lifting of restrictions.

From March 1, all foreign nationals and residents, who are either vaccinated or present a negative PCR test taken no later than 72 hours ago, will be allowed to enter Georgia freely, be it from air, sea, or land borders. 

Foreign nationals will no longer be required to fill out online applications developed for business visitors, students, and those working from Georgia.

Georgian nationals returning to the country, who are neither vaccinated nor have negative PCR test results, will have to undergo a five-day self-isolation, down from the previous eight days. Those entering with a negative PCR test result are no longer required to retest after three days.

In restaurants and other dining areas, ten people — instead of six — will be allowed to sit at a single table indoors, while 15 — instead of ten — persons will be permitted in outdoor spaces.

Holding social events, such as birthday parties, weddings, and wake ceremonies, previously prohibited, now will be allowed, provided people comply with the required indoor-outdoor sitting arrangements. Limits on the maximum number of guests are also lifted.

Starting March, Georgia will also abolish quarantine areas, the so-called COVID-hotels that cared for people who could not self-isolate at home but were not ill enough to warrant hospitalization. Also, from February 22, these places will no longer accept new people.

The obligation for thermal screening and corresponding logs will also be void, so will be the mandate to have a protective barrier.

Also, hotels will no longer have restrictions on buffet service.

From March 4, nightclubs will reopen at 60% of their maximum capacity, while from March 15, conferences, seminars, and training sessions will be conducted without any restrictions.

At the same time, 50% of spectators will be allowed to attend the rugby match between Georgia and Russia on February 27.

The Inter-Agency Coordination Council also decided to change its own meeting schedule, opting to gather once every two weeks instead of every week.

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