U.S. Assistant State Secretary, Georgian FM Hold Phone Talk

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Karen Donfried and Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani held a phone conversation today, discussing among others this week’s U.S.-Russia high-level talks on “security guarantees” demanded by Moscow.

In his remarks after the talk, the top Georgian diplomat said the discussion with the U.S. official once again showed that Washington and Tbilisi have “identical” perceptions of the ongoing processes, “which underlines the depth and strength of our partnership.”

“Both Georgia and our partners find Russia’s attempts to divide Europe and legitimize its spheres of influence through threats of [the use of] force and this aggressive rhetoric absolutely unacceptable,” noted Foreign Minister Zalkaliani.

The Georgian Minister accused Moscow of a “deliberate attempt to destroy European security architecture” by aggression, the occupation and annexation of the territories of sovereign nations, as well as constant neglect of its international obligations.

“Russia demands the so-called security guarantees, while for years it has been refraining from meeting its international obligations regarding Georgia,” FM Zalkaliani noted.

He expressed confidence, judging from the consultations with U.S. and NATO partners, and their “supportive messages” made both public and in closed formats that NATO will not disavow membership pledge to Georgia.

“Georgia’s NATO integration process is irreversible,” asserted the chief Georgian diplomat.

Georgia in Solidarity with Ukraine

Foreign Minister Zalkaliani reiterated that “Georgia is in solidarity with Ukraine.” “We face common threat and challenges — Georgia experienced Russia’s aggression in 2008 and the occupation of our territories continues to this day,” he said.

In his words, “the world, our partners shall not allow the repeat of history, that the processes related to Ukraine once again goes in this direction.”

“For this reason, we highly value the involvement of our American partners and their diplomatic efforts, aimed at this goal,” Georgian FM David Zalkaliani stated.

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