Georgian Dream Abolishes State Inspector’s Service

The Georgian Dream-led Parliament voted today with 81 in favor and 7 against to abolish the State Inspector’s Service, defying local and international criticism against the move.

The outspoken independent agency will be dissolved from March 2022 and State Inspector Londa Toloraia and her deputies will be let go, as per the ruling party’s decision. Instead, separate agencies will be established to probe abuse of power by law enforcement and for personal data protection, the two functions that were previously joined under the State Inspector.

Facing criticism from the opposition, civil society, international partners, the Public Defender as well as Toloraia herself, the Georgian Dream partially backed down on December 29 and agreed to allow the staff of the Service to be transferred to the to-be established agencies.

Georgian Dream lawmakers fast-tracked the legislative initiative to review and endorse the bill in the three hearings held in extraordinary plenary sessions on December 29-30.

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