EU Embassy Abstains from Observing Top Court Candidate Hearings

Speaking with reporters on November 25 about the ongoing parliamentary hearings of four Supreme Court candidates, EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell said “we have been invited to observe today’s and tomorrow’s hearings in the Parliament, [but] we have declined.”

He argued the selections process is not in line with the EU-mediated April 19 agreement, and the conditionality set up for the EU macro-financial assistance. The diplomat also noted shortcomings with regard to Georgia’s “legislation being fully in line with the Venice Commission advice.”

“We still think a pause in this process is what should be done in order to revise the procedures before taking further action,” Ambassador Hartzell said, adding it is now up to Georgian lawmakers “to judge the situation and take the appropriate action.”

On November 25-26, lawmakers will interview four top court judge candidates – Genadi Makaridze, Nino Sandodze, Tamar Okropiridze, Tea Dzimistarashvili – in a selection process slammed by the civil society.

Earlier, in July 2021, the ruling Georgian Dream lawmakers appointed six Supreme Court judges despite agreeing in the EU-brokered April 19 deal with the opposition to refrain from making new picks under existing legislation.

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