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GD Falls Short of Securing Majorities in 7 Sakrebulos

Georgian Dream fell short of single-handedly securing the majority of seats in two self-governing cities – Batumi and Rustavi, and in five municipalities of Samegrelo region – Chkhorotsku, Zugdidi, Martvili, Senaki, and Tsalenjikha.

In 35-member Batumi Sakrebulo, Georgian Dream has 16 seats, UNM – 15, and Lelo – 1. For Georgia, initially secured 3 mandates but one of the elected members quit the party and went independent.

The results are final, as there were no runoffs in Batumi.

In 35-member Rustavi Sakrebulo, the Georgian Dream and its main rival United National Movement, both secured 16 seats, while ex-Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia’s For Georgia took 3 seats.

GD secured one of the seats in the majoritarian runoffs of October 30, meaning the result is preliminary and susceptible to change during the appeal review and recount process.

In Zugdidi, the UNM’s traditional stronghold, the party took 22 Sakrebulo seats, while Georgian Dream secured 20. Gakahria’s For Georgia has 3 seats in the town’s 45-seat Sakrebulo.

GD clinched one of the seats in the majoritarian runoffs, thus the result is still preliminary.

GD and UNM now have 11 seats each in the 27-member Tsalenjikha Sakrebulo. For Georgia has received 4 seats but one of its elected members has left the party, going independent. Lelo also has 1 seat.

GD and For Georgia each won one, and UNM – three of the majoritarian seats as per preliminary results of October 30.

Currently, in Chkhorotsku’s 27-seat Sakrebulo, 12 mandates are held by GD. UNM and For Georgia both have 7 seats, while Lelo has one. Noteworthy that For Georgia leader, ex-PM Giorgi Gakharia hails from Chkhorotsku.

GD and UNM each won one, and For Georgia – three of the majoritarian seats according to the preliminary results.

In Samegrelo’s easternmost Martvili municipality, the ruling GD secured 15 seats out of 36 total. UNM holds 11 mandates, For Georgia – 5, and the European Georgia – 1. Also, European Socialists, a party closely aligned with GD, obtained 4 mandates.

GD, UNM, and European Socialists each received one mandate in the majoritarian runoffs.

The ruling party’s opponents, as a whole, have a wafer-thin edge over GD in 33-member Senaki Sakrebulo. Here, GD has 16 seats against the opposition’s 17. In the municipal council, UNM secured 13 mandates, while For Georgia took 4, all of them proportional.

GD took two of the majoritarian seats in the runoffs.

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