Levan Vasadze’s ERI: Tbilisi Sakrebulo Proportional List

The Central Election Commission released proportional party lists for Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo) ahead to October 2 local elections. Overall 31 parties have presented candidate lists.

Below is the list of the first 20 Candidates registered by Russia-friendly ultarconservative businessman Levan Vasadze’s ERI (Nation), among them 6 women, 14 – men;

  1. Mirian Mirianashvili, ex-MP of Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia, elected in 1990
  2. Mikheil Mamaiashvili
  3. Tamar Elizbarashvili
  4. Grigol Tabatadze
  5. Luka Gagnidze
  6. Mariam Tevzadze
  7. Giorgi Talakvadze
  8. Merabi Khachidze
  9. Irma Mamaiashvili
  10. Vazha Shubitidze
  11. Edisher Japaridze
  12. Manana Lashkhiridze
  13. Amiran Kurtanidze
  14. Nugzar Natchkebia
  15. Nino Uzunashvili
  16. Gela Uzunashvili
  17. Nugzari Beitrishvili
  18. Ekaterine Ichukaidze
  19. Zaza Japaridze
  20. Paata Mzhavandze

Vasadze announced going to the politicis in May 2021, but was largely absent from political life ever since over severe health issues.

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