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Georgian Dream Leaders Talk Local Elections

Georgian Dream leaders expressed confidence they will secure a confident victory in the October 2 local elections, during their addresses at the presentation of incumbent Kakha Kaladze as the ruling party’s pick for the Tbilisi mayoral race.

Ruling party chair MP Irakli Kobakhidze and PM Irakli Garibashvili both dubbed as extremely “significant” the upcoming polls, which will decide the fate of snap parliamentary elections long demanded by the opposition. The EU-mediated April 19 agreement envisages calling for the early general election in 2022 if the governing party receives less than 43% in the proportional vote in the upcoming local polls.

“We all understand how much of a large significance the nearing local elections have, which will define our country’s future stability,” said the Georgian Prime Minister. Slamming his opponents for having “no actual agenda,” he claimed the opposition aims to sow “destabilization, perpetual disturbance, and chaos.”

The Prime Minister asserted that the ruling party’s key achievement was “bringing freedom, peace, and stability” to the Georgian people. PM Garibashvili also stressed that the GD’s victory in 2012 over the “violent, oppressive” United National Movement administration served as the “foundation” for the country’s future development.

“This grave past will never return to our country, with your support,” said PM Garibashvili. “I believe that in every city and municipality, the Georgian Dream will win convincingly.”

GD chair Irakli Kobakhidze on his part said the ruling party is confident they will receive every other vote in October. “We are convinced that Georgian public will again say no to parties and politicians, whose activities are highlighted by neglecting democracy and rule of law, gross violations of human rights, conceding our country’s territories.”

“We believe that once again the truth will prevail over falsehood, dignity over unscrupulousness, loyalty over betrayal, humanity and patriotism over hatred toward humans, homeland and the church, light over darkness, the West over the North,” asserted the ruling party leader.

MP Kobakhidze also said the GD’s victory in the local polls “is a necessary precondition” for the unhindered and stable development of Georgia and its democracy.

The Georgian Dream party garnered 48.22% of votes in the hotly-contested 2020 parliamentary elections – results of which were rejected by the opposition – and secured wins in all 30 single-mandate majoritarian constituencies. However, GD won 17 of the 30 seats in runoffs, which were boycotted by the opposition candidates.

Mayor Kaladze received 51.09% of votes in his initial run for the post in 2017, while Georgian Dream received 55.81% of votes in the local elections.

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