Lelo, Strategy Agmashenebeli, NPC-Girchi to Sign New EU Proposal

Opposition Lelo, Strategy Agmashenebeli, and New Political Center Girchi parties announced today that they sign the new compromise proposal put forward by European Council President Charles Michel to solve Georgia’s ongoing political impasse. The statements come as the ruling Georgian Dream party said earlier today that it would also consider signing.

Lelo’s Ana Natsvlishvili said her party agrees with the document in principle, though added that there are certain points that require further detailing. She also stressed the importance of EU mediators overseeing the execution of the compromise proposal.

Strategy Agmashenebeli leader Giorgi Vashadze, noting that the new EU-proposed document “is not ideal”, said the opposition must still use this “window of opportunity” to turn the existing political crisis around.

Iago Khvichia of the New Political Center Girchi party noted that his party is waiting for the ruling party to also sign the compromise document, after which the three Girchi MPs are willing to directly take up their parliamentary mandates.

The EU’s mediation efforts to end Georgia’s ongoing political crisis failed for the second time on March 31, when both the Georgian Dream and the opposition parties refused to sign the document proposed by Christian Danielsson, European Council President Charles Michel’s special envoy. However, the Georgian Dream signed the deal proposed by Danielson unilaterally on April 16, paving the way to President Michel’s updated document of April 18.

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