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Six Georgian Dream MPs Quit to Join Gakharia’s Forthcoming Party

Five Georgian Dream lawmakers said at the press briefing in the Parliament today that they quit the ruling party, to join the forthcoming party of Giorgi Gakharia, former Prime Minister. Sixth MP, Mikheil Daushvili, who is currently ill with COVID-19, is set to join the group after recovery.

The list of MPs that quit the ruling Georgian Dream party includes:

At the press briefing, Giorgi Khojevanishvili said the decision was taken in agreement with Giorgi Gakharia, while the group “embarks on a new stage of the party building process.” Khojevanishvili underscored that they take responsibility for the past “achievements and failures” of the Georgian Dream, and that the group will continue parliamentary work as independent deputies.

“Our country faces severe challenges such as the pandemic, economic crisis, unemployment, poverty. These are precisely the problems our people worry about and not the endless confrontation and dispute of the political parties,” said Khojevanishvili, adding that the future plans will be unveiled together with the group leader Giorgi Gakharia.

In response to the media question on June 20, 2019 events, Khojevanishvili said “there were mistakes which we acknowledge and share.”

As for the snap elections demanded by the boycotting opposition parties, Khojevanishvili said they will support any initiative that can defuse the radicalization, however, also called on the media “to wait for the development of events.”

Following the departure of six MPs, the Georgian Dream now has 84 deputies in the Parliament. The ruling party can lose the parliamentary majority in case nine more lawmakers quit the ruling team.

Former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned from the post on February 18 citing disagreement with his party colleagues over the detention of Nika Melia, chairperson of the UNM, the largest opposition party. This followed the Tbilisi City Court’s decision to send Melia to pretrial detention. On March 22, Gakharia announced his intention to remain in politics.

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