Preliminary Data: GD Wins All 17 Runoffs Amid Opposition’s Boycott

According to the preliminary data released by the Central Election Commission, incumbent ruling Georgian Dream party majoritarian MP hopefuls won all 17 runoffs as opposition candidates boycotted the vote. The opposition candidates withdrew from the contests and did not run electoral campaigns, the candidates’ names, however, still remained on ballot papers.

In Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda majoritarian district, 88% of precincts were counted so far, showing GD’s Beka Odisharia in lead with 91.51% votes, while Shalva Shavgulidze of the European Georgia party received 8.49%.

In Vake, with 93% of precincts tallied, GD’s Nodar Turdzeladze won 93.7% of votes, while Elene Khoshtaria of EG garnered 6.3%.

With 73% of precincts tallied in Saburtalo, GD’s Davit Sergeenko, former Health Minister, received 89.97% of votes, while Alexander Elisashvili of the Citizens party gained 10.03%.

In Isani constituency of Tbilisi, 56% of precincts have been counted so far. GD’s Kakha Kakhishvili gained 93.74% of votes, while UNM’s Khatia Dekanoidze obtained 7.26%.

In Samgori, with 33% of precincts counted, Sozar Subari of Georgian Dream garnered 88.19%, while UNM’s Levan Khabeishvili received 11.81%.

In Didube-Chughureti constituency, 71% of polling stations were counted, showing 89.66% cast for GD’s Giorgi (Gia) Volski, while 10.34% went to Zurab Girchi Japaridze of the right-libertarian Girchi party.

In Nadzaladevi district of Tbilisi, 51% of precincts were tallied, with Mikheil Kavelashvili of GD receiving 91.14% of votes, and Shalva Natelashvili of the Labor Party garnering 8.86%.

In Gldani, 89% of precincts were tallied. GD’s Levan Kobiashvili received 89.22%, while Nika Melia of UNM obtained 10.78 of votes.

In the constituencies outside of the Georgian capital:

In Telavi, Akhmeta, Kvareli and Lagodekhi Municipalities’ district, the results from 79% of precincts show GD’s IrakliKadagishvili in lead with 89.67%, while UNM’s Giorgi Botkoveli receiving 10.33%.

89% of precincts were tallied in Mtskheta, Dusheti, Tianeti and Kazbegi constituency. GD’s Shalva Kereselidze came first with 93.23%, while UNM’s led Strength in Unity bloc’s Tsezar Chocheli gained 7.75%, according to the CEC, albeit the two numbers combined reach 100.98%.

In Rustavi constituency, 54% of polling stations were tallied. GD’s Nino Latsabidze gained 87.65%, while UNM’s Davit Kirkitadze garnered 12.35%.

In Khashuri and Kareli constituency 78% of precincts were counted, with Georgian Dream’s Zaal Dugladze securing 81.04% of votes, while UNM-led electoral bloc’s Nato Chkheidze gained 8.96%.

In Tkibuli, Terjola, Bagdati and Zestaponi constituency, 78% were counted. GD’s Bezhan Tsakadze secured 91.87% of votes, and his nominal rival Kakha Getsadze received 8.13%.

In the constituency of the city of Kutaisi, 37% of precincts were tallied. CEC shows GD’s Zaza Lominadze coming first with 93.6%, while UNM’s Grigol Vashadze garnering 8.54% of votes – with the two numbers together exceeding 100% by 2.14%.

In Zugdidi constituency, GD’s Irakli Chikovani received 94.06%, while Malkhaz Jalaghonia of the UNM garnered 5.94%. 42% of precincts in the district were tallied.

In Batumi constituency, 40% of polling stations were tallied, showing GD’s Resan Kontselidze leading with 88.47%, with Levan Varshalomidze obtaining 11.53% of ballots.

In Khelvachauri, Keda, Shuakhevi, Khulo constituency, GD’s Anzor Bolkvadze received 88.73% of votes, while UNM’s Misha Bolkvadze gained 11.27%. 52% of the constituency’s precincts were counted.

562,664 voters, accounting for 26.29% of the total number eligible to vote, turned out at polling stations for the runoffs, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC). The figure is significantly lower than the 56.11% turnout of the October 31 parliamentary elections.

GD candidates were outright winners in the first round on October 31 parliamentary elections in 13 single-mandate constituencies.

Georgia’s next 150-member parliament is composed of 120 members elected through a proportional-party vote, and 30 lawmakers elected as majoritarians.

GD is going to secure a total of 91 seats (61 through proportional, party vote and 30 majoritarians), while opposition parties will receive the remaining 59 mandates. The opposition parties are however rejecting the results, demanding snap elections, the resignation of CEC chair Tamar Zhvania and the release of alleged political prisoners.

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