CEC: Voter Turnout 3.51% at 10:00

75,037 voters, accounting for 3.51% of the total number eligible to vote in the majoritarian runoffs, cast a ballot by 10:00, two hours after the polling stations were opened, according to the Central Election Commission.

The highest voter turnout was reported in the majoritarian constituency of Tkibuli, Terjola, Zestaponi, Bagdati municipalities, where 4.7% of voters cast their ballots as of 10:00, while the lowest voter turnout was reported in the Saburtalo majoritarian district, with 2.5%.

During the October 31 first round of the 2020 parliamentary elections, by 10:00, the turnout was 8.33% of the total number of voters.

In the majoritarian runoffs of 2016 parliamentary elections, held in 50 single-mandate districts, 10:00 voter turnout stood at 4.65%.

There are 2,140,210 voters eligible to cast a ballot in runoffs for 17 majoritarian constituencies, where polling stations opened at 08:00 countrywide.

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