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Tbilisi Armenians Rally Against Mtavari Arkhi TV’s ‘Pro-Azerbaijani’ Coverage

According to media reports, up to 300 persons from Tbilisi’s ethnic Armenian community held a rally outside the pro-opposition Mtavari Arkhi TV office on October 1, protesting against the channel’s “pro-Azerbaijani” coverage of ongoing Azerbaijani-Armenian military confrontation over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Mtavari Arkhi TV also reported that protesters rallied against ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili’s statement, broadcasted by the TV channel, which implied that Nagorno-Karabakh was a sovereign territory of Azerbaijan.

As noted by Mtavari Arkhi TV, protesters were chanting “shame” and “Karabakh” outside their headquarters, blocking Chubinashvili street in downtown Tbilisi for a few minutes. The rally dissolved peacefully and without any incident, the TV channel reported.

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