Georgia Reports “Borderization” near Major Highway

The Russian occupation forces resumed illegal “borderization” activities near Tskhinvali/South Ossetian occupation line adjacent to the Khurvaleti village, the State Security Service of Georgia reported on September 12.

The village of Khurvaleti of Gori municipality, surrounded by Russian-occupied territories from the west, north and east, is located a few hundred meters away from Georgia’s major east-west highway.

The SSG said that it had activated the EUMM-managed hotline and called for prompt discontinuation of activities that are “extremely damaging to security environment”. The Co-Chairs of Geneva International Discussions as well as Georgia’s international partners will be informed accordingly, SSG added.

“The illegal destructive activities” by occupation forces “extremely aggravate the everyday life of the local population”, the State Security Service concluded.

Khurvaleti “borderization” takes place a few days after Georgian authorities spotted fencing activities in the vicinity of the nearby village of Karapila.

The latest works to further divide the region from Georgia proper come in the wake of the ongoing crisis in Tskhinvali, where Russian-backed authorities are facing the largest street protests in years following the alleged torture death of young inmate Inal Jabiev on August 28.

Noteworthy that it was the same exact Didi Khurvaleti village, along with Kveshi, both southeast from Tskhinvali, where the Russian Federal Security Service first started putting barbed wire fences across the S. Ossetian administrative boundary line in April-May 2011.

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