Tskhinvali Region Reports First Case of COVID-19

Moscow-backed authorities of Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia recorded the first case of COVID-19 infection, “RES”, a local news agency reported on May 6.

According to the source, Tskhinvali region’s “patient zero” entered the occupied region on April 30 from the Russian Federation.

“[Upon his arrival] he was put in quarantine. He had a fever, so he was tested for the infection and the answer was positive. [Now] the patient undergoes treatment in an isolated unit of the Hospital of Infectious Diseases,” Marina Kochieva, region’s chief physician stated.

Fearing the outbreak of COVID-19, Kremlin-supported Tskhinvali authorities imposed a temporary travel ban on nationals hailing from more than 60 states on March 2. The ban, however, excluded the nationals of the Russian Federation.

Following registering of first COVID-19 case in Georgia, Tskhinvali KGB closed all crossing points connecting the region to Georgia proper until further notice on February 27.  

On April 2, Tskhinvali announced the closure of Roki crossing point that connects the occupied region with the Russian federation “until further notice.”

The ban excluded Tskhinvali residents, returning to the region – and willing to undergo a 14-day mandatory self-isolation upon arrival – as well as Russian military servicemen and FSB employees stationed in the occupied region. Later, on April 30, the closure was prolonged until May 31.

Ketevan Tsikhelashvili, Georgian State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, assessed the situation in Tskhinvali region as “alarming”, highlighting that Tskhinvali authorities continue to bar residents from getting urgent medical care at hospitals located in Tbilisi-controlled territory.

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